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FotoFest Literacy Through Photography

FotoFest Literacy Through Photography

Each year, the Literacy Through Photography (LTP) curriculum is successfully implemented to roughly one thousand grade school students and adults across Teaching Artist residencies at Houston area Title I schools and community organizations. The foundation curriculum blends stream-of-consciousness creative writing prompts, social-emotional learning, visual literacy exercises, and photography-based art projects as a means to stretch student imagination, broaden perspective, build creative skills, and further develop their voice.

Arts Disciplines:

Visual Arts, Arts Integration

Types of Programs:

Field Trips/Tours of Facility, Classes/Workshops, Long-Term Residencies, After-School Programs, PD for K-12 Teachers, Ask about CUSTOM Programs, Ask about FREE Programs

Program Goals:

Arts Creation & Production, Social, Emotional, & Creative Development, Programs for Youth with Disabilities, Arts Across Cultures, Academic Content Through Arts


Live (in-person at school), Live (in-person at our venue), Virtual (Synchronous), Video (Asynchronous)

Contact Us

Rose Tylinski

Additional Contact

Chelsea Jones

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