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Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft

HCCC provides a variety of educational programs both on site and in the community to support its mission to advance education about the process, product and history of craft. Through monthly family days that give participants the opportunity for self-expression as they learn a craft technique or material to tour and art-making workshops for the community, school and senior groups, HCCC strives to provide a holistic experience for everyone who wants to learn about craft.

Arts Disciplines:

Visual Arts

Types of Programs:

Classes/Workshops, Ask about FREE Programs, Ask about CUSTOM Programs, Field Trips/Tours of Facility

Program Goals:

Arts Creation & Production, Social, Emotional, & Creative Development, Arts Across Cultures, Academic Content Through Arts, College Internships


Video (Asynchronous), Virtual (Synchronous), Live (in-person at our venue)

Contact Us

Natalie Svacina

Education+Residency Director

713-529-4848 x 111

Additional Contact

Tarina Frank

Education+Programs Manager


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