Conference Schedule

Wednesday, August 3

8:30 a.m. Check in

Location PAC Lobby

Meet and Greet with HAP Partners


9:15 - 10 a.m. Session 1

Sounds of Self Care

Presented by Soulliaa Rae and Young Audiences of Houston

Location: PAC Theatre

This session will be curated by Soulliaa Rae, Healing Artist and Songstress/Songwriter. Attendees will be immersed in a musical set centering restoration and encouragement for the upcoming school year and led through a series of grounding practices for self-soothing. All practices and encouragements are great additions to or starting places for attendees personal self-care routines this upcoming school year. Be ready to be present and just be; bring yourself and something to write with and on.

Dramatic Structure & the Art of Scriptwriting

Presented by LSC-Tomball

Location: Black Box 

This session will prepare ELA and Theatre teachers alike to teach the basics of scriptwriting to classes ranging from middle to high school. With a series of body-moving activities to get participants up out of their seats and thinking, this session will then transition from covering the arc of dramatic structure (found in both literature and plays), to how we as students become playwrights ourselves. By writing scripts about something we have learned in another unit (or even another class!), students learn how to tell a story using the dramatic arc.    An introductory lesson to the free script-writing software Celtx will round out this interactive session. After all, the best way to prove you truly know something is to teach it, which your students will be able to do that once you have this lesson in your toolkit.

Holocaust Remembrance Toolkit: Exploring the Holocaust through the Arts

Presented by Holocaust Museum Houston

Location: Art Lab E183


In this session, participants will be introduced to Holocaust Museum Houston's Holocaust Remembrance Toolkit. Using lessons that integrate fine arts skills with social studies and language arts concepts, attendees will explore activities and resources designed to support middle and high school students in learning about the Holocaust. Participants will receive a free copy of the Toolkit and obtain more information about free school programs and resources available at Holocaust Museum Houston.

Public Art Methods: Subtractive Carving

Presented by Public Art UHS

Location: Art Room E180

Join us for a hands-on soap carving art activity inspired by artworks in the collection of Public Art University of Houston System (Public Art UHS)! In addition to its collections, exhibitions, and public programs, Public Art UHS offers interactive tours and hands-on activities like this one for educators and students throughout the year. In this session, we will draw inspiration from sculptures by contemporary artists Masaru Takiguchi, Lawrence Argent, and Matt Mullican, whose works are currently on display at University of Houston System campuses. By using a bar of soap and simple tools to create original sculpted designs, we will employ the same subtractive carving technique as professional artists who carve in stone—but using a lot less effort and time! All materials are provided.  

10 - 10:45 a.m. Coffee Break

Join our HAP Partners for coffee in the PAC Lobby


10:45 - 11:30 a.m. Session 2


Dance Fitness

Presented by MECA - Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts

Location: PAC Theatre

This class uses a combination of ballet, modern dance, and yoga techniques to provide a full body work out. The session is designed for non-dancers with little to no experience in movement arts. Participants can expect to feel invigorated, energized, and ready to take on a full day of teaching. All movement can be modified to fit any body type and mobile ability. Class begins seated in a chair and progresses to a standing position for those able to.

Panel Discussion: Arts Education and Higher Ed

Presented by HAP Higher Education Partners

Location: Black Box

Description Coming Soon!

Japanese Woodblock Printing

Presented by Asia Society Texas Center

Location: Art Lab E183


Educators will receive a brief overview of the key points of the lesson, then  experience an interactive walk through of Asia Society’s Exploring the Takaido 3-lesson unit.  By using woodblock prints and primary sources, participants will compare Japan of the 1800s to Japan today as they walk along the Takaido, the ancient route between Tokyo and Kyoto, with 5 different stops exploring topics such as samurai, tea farms, fishing, urbanization, and the environment. Educators will learn how to recreate woodblock printing studios in their class based on topics of student interest. Educators in attendance will be offered the opportunity to signup for a free field trip to view woodblock prints on display at Asia Society.

Contemporary Arts | Beyond the visuals by exploring the arts at large and building community

Presented by CAMH - Contemporary Art Museum Houston

Location: Art Room E180

Build confidence to use contemporary arts (dance, film, and conceptual art) and make real world connections in your classroom both locally and globally. Beyond the visual arts, examples from Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) will guide you and your students as critical thinkers in their communities and our society. This session includes a hands-on workshop to practice how to create conceptual art in a group, communicate visually through question-based learning, and experience building community and understanding. In small groups, educators will create artwork using reflective questions, simple art tools/materials, and examples from artists who use research (Mariah Garnett), language arts (Christopher Knowles), and world geography (Amako Boafo) to create their artwork. 

IMG_8275 MacGregor Jazz SM_edited_edited.jpg

11:45 - 12:30 p.m. Session 3

Sound Mapping

Presented by Artist Boat

Location: Meet in the PAC Theatre. Participants will walk outside to the native plants area.


Expand your sonic perceptions of space and place! Step outside and tune into the many natural (and perhaps some human-made!) sounds around you. Draw and color what you hear to create an illustrative audial landscape that represents the music showcased in that particular moment in time! We will meet in the auditorium and then conduct our observation in a shady native plants area nearby. (Seating, watercolors, brushes, and paper will be provided.)  

A Story and a Dance

Presented by Anjali Dance Theatre and Young Audiences of Houston

Location: Black Box Theatre

Renowned Indian dancer Rathna Kumar and storyteller Jean Donatto team up to bridge the gap between the East and the West through their unusual artistic collaboration. While Jean weaves magic with her stories, Rathna will bring them to life through movement, hand gestures and facial expressions that will bring out the moods and nuances in each story. The stories from the West and the dances from the East will be an educational cultural connection for audiences of all ages. Jean Donatto is a consummate storyteller who has a poetic way of expressing herself. Rathna Kumar is a virtuoso artist who is experienced in both dance and theatre and often combines both in order to bring out the emotions in Jean's stories. Both have been Teaching Artists of Young Audiences of Houston for more than 3 decades and have worked together before, in great harmony.

In this particular interactive session, members of the audience will be able to actually experience the movements by doing them first hand. They will learn how to use hand gestures and body movements to interpret ideas and stories. Teachers will also be able to use this session to learn to write their own stories and have the students interpret them through hand gestures.

Building Community: Sustainable Art and Pedagogical Practices

Presented by Harris County Cultural Arts Council 

Location: Art Lab E183

In this discussion, attendees will learn how to build meaningful connections that lead to collaborations between schools and arts organizations in any arts discipline. Stacey Allen, multidisciplinary artist and educator, serves as the Director of Artistic Programming for Harris County Cultural Arts Council. She will share resources on Harris County CAC's mission to bring water to an arts desert in unincorporated East Harris County. We will talk about our creative process in past projects and upcoming programs, and learn about sustainable art and pedagogical practices to bring the arts to your students. 

Plaster Mask Making for Art or Drama

Presented by Lone Star College-Tomball

Location: Art Room E180

For this session we will make molds of participants' faces using plastic bandage strips. The molds can be used to make exact plaster casts of the face. The session time will be spent on making the molds, and participants will receive further instruction on how to create the plaster casts and repeat the process in the classroom. To participate, please bring a towel and an old shirt. Ideal for making masks for art or drama!