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In the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and other natural disasters around the world, we're trying to compile the arts education and arts integration resources that teachers will need to best care for their students.  

If you have a resource not already shared below, please email the link to troy@yahouston.org. 

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Resources for Arts Organizations and Teaching Artists

Hurricane Harvey Relief for Fine Arts Programs in Texas


Hurricane Harvey Relief (Americans for the Arts)

Harvey Arts Recovery (City of Houston)

Hurricane Harvey Relief from the Rodrigue Foundation: Schools Can Now Apply for a $2,000 Art Supply Kit

Pop-up Monuments Ask What 21st-Century Public Memorials Should Be (Smithsonian Magazine) - Sept. 27, 2017

General Education Resources

Arts Education Reduces Stress Level of Low-Income Students (Pacific Standard) - Dec. 6, 2016

The arts help refugees, other students to master academics (Hechinger Report) - May 1, 2017

Every School Should Tell its Story (Edutopia) - Dec. 19, 2016

Recovery After A Hurricane (Includes kids' activities with no/little supplies needed) (National Child Traumatic Stress Network)

Embracing Failure: Building a Growth Mindset through the Arts (Edutopia) - Oct. 4, 2016

Resources on Grit and Perseverance (Edutopia) - Jan. 5, 2016

Resources for Nurturing Resilience (Edutopia) - Jan. 5, 2016

Resources for Responding to Trauma and Tragedy (Edutopia) - Jan. 5, 2016

Helping Traumatized Children Learn (Trauma-Sensitive Schools) 

How to Apply the Brain Science of Resilience to the Classroom - June 12, 2017

For Teens Knee-Deep In Negativity, Reframing Thoughts Can Help (MindShift) - Sept. 11, 2017

Helping Students Become Engaged Citizens (Edutopia) - Sept. 14, 2017

This Is Your Brain on Art (Washington Post) - Sept. 18, 2017

For Traumatized Children, An Offer Of Help From The Muppets (NPR Ed) - Oct. 6, 2017

With no silver bullet, innovation abounds at this bilingual high school (Hechinger Report) - Oct. 4, 2017

How Teachers And Schools Can Help When Bad Stuff Happens (KQED Mindshift) - Oct. 5, 2017

Thinking 'Bigger Than Me' in the Liberal Arts (Edsurge) - Oct. 6, 2017

Reshaping Space, Roles and Routines to Support Children With Trauma (Edsurge) - Sept. 27, 2017

Compassion as a Classroom Management Tool (Edutopia) - Sept. 19, 2017

Responses to Harvey

Community & Hope: Teaching Refugees and Immigrants after Hurricane Harvey (Carol Salva)

Supporting Children with Special Needs During a Natural Disaster (Parish School)

8 Books To Help Children Understand Natural Disasters and Cope with Anxiety (Forbes)

Houston Students Are Heading Back — What They Find Could Change Schools Nationwide (NPR) - Sept. 8, 2017

Responses to Other Natural Disasters

Hurricane Sandy Recommendations for Administrators and Teachers Reopening Schools in the Aftermath of the Storm (Denny Taylor) - Nov. 5, 2012

Helping Children Rebound: Strategies for Infant and Toddler Teachers After the 2005 Hurricanes (Bright Horizons) [PDF]

"I Had to Teach Hard:" Traumatic Conditions and Teachers in Post Katrina Classrooms (Deborah M. Alvarez, University of Delaware) [PDF]

The Road to Disaster Recovery (Hurricane Sandy) (Teaching Tolerance) - Nov. 9, 2012

Natural Disasters: Nature's Fury - How music helps document natural disasters (Library of Congress)

What we can learn from the Katrina children who thrived after disaster (Hechinger Report) - July 5, 2015

Acute Stress and PTSD: Sandy’s Longest-Lasting Devastation - Jan. 23, 2014

Reshaping Space, Roles and Routines to Support Children With Trauma (EdSurge) - Sept. 27, 2017

Arts and the Trauma-Informed Classroom 


How Trauma-Informed Teaching Builds a Sense of Safety and Care (KQED MindShift) - June 6, 2016

How Art Can Help Children Overcome Trauma (Education Week) - Dec. 13, 2016

The Value of Art Expression in Trauma-Informed Work (Starr.org) - Oct. 31, 2014

Building Resiliency to Trauma through Arts-Based Learning (T&F Online) - July 25, 2012

Music and trauma: the relationship between music, personality, and coping style (Frontiers in Psychology) - July 10, 2012

Tips to Help Children Cope With Disasters (#6 - Encourage Creativity) (TYC)

My Hurricane Story - A Guided Workbook for Children (Mercy Corps)

Trauma Healing Exercise - Body Awareness and Art

Refugee Youths Build Community in an Embracing Space (New York Times) - Sept. 9, 2017

The Clowns Helping Refugee Children To Laugh Through Play (BBC - YouTube) - Aug. 12, 2017

The Neuroscience of Narrative and Memory (Edutopia) - Sept. 12, 2017

Rescuing Classroom Resources

Flooded & Wet : DIY Heirloom Recovery (Galveston History)

How do you save a wet book? Put it in the freezer (Houston Chronicle)

Clock is ticking to dry out and salvage flood-damaged possessions left in wake of Hurricane Harvey (Houston Chronicle)

How to Rescue a Wet, Damaged Book: A Short, Handy Visual Primer (Open Culture)

Coping for Kids and Adults

How to cope after Harvey's trauma (Houston Chronicle)

After Weathering The Storm, Hurricane Harvey Victims Still Cope With Trauma (NPR)

Examining The Emotional Aftermath Of Harvey (Houston Matters, Houston Public Media)

Normalize Setbacks By Asking Your Kids For Advice When You Struggle (MindShift) - Aug. 18, 2017

More Than a Brush with Empathy (ASCD) - Sept. 14, 2017

Helping Teens Find Purpose: A Tool For Educators To Support Students’ Discovery (MindShift) - Sept. 25, 2017

How Can Students Have More Say in School Decisions? (MindShift) - Oct. 17, 2014


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